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Fields of Alicia, Lee DuCote, love story, hay field
Fields Of Alicia

When letting go is the biggest struggle...

What do you get when you introduce a professional rodeo girl from a Georgia hay farm to an upper-crust composer from Manhattan? Mischief, music, and fireworks!

In Fields of Alicia, Madi Coverton, a young widowed mother and professional barrel racer, never expected to meet concert pianist Michael Curry during her summer off from the rodeo circuit. What starts off as mutual interest and intrigue soon turn into wild adventures, building into an undeniable love that stirs the broken heart of the young widow.

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In Waterproof, Spencer LeJeune, the once-nerdy kid who grew into an attractive young man, puts it all on the line to find the Spanish Treasure Barge and to finally win over the heart of his childhood crush, Toni Benoit. After nearly twenty years apart, their reunited friendship quickly turns into a suspenseful treasure hunt, as they try to outwit a ruthless fifth-generation Spanish pirate.
Will Spencer win Toni’s heart and find the treasure before it costs him the lives of those he loves, and millions in silver and gold?
Can Toni trust herself to fall in love—and can she tame the treasure-hunter’s heart?

Waterproof, south Louisiana, treasure hunters, Barataria, Buras, Jean Lafitte
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Across Borders
Across Borders, Texas, border patrol, presido, coyotes, Mexico

In Across Borders, Lawson Caine, an eight year veteran of the Border Patrol, is stationed in Presidio Texas with legendary lawman Capt. James Garrett.

Their greatest task and personal vendetta is to capture a famous smuggling lord who is barbaric and callous leaving many Mexicans to die in the rugged terrain of West Texas. 

Lawson never expected anything to come between his dedication with the Border Patrol and his brotherhood with Sweeny until he meets local pharmacy owner, Lia Gonzales. 
In this story of protecting others on the border and the heartache of relationships you will find yourself in the lives of those who have sworn to uphold the law, no matter the cost. 

Micah (The Sword Of Malachi)

When lacrosse star Micah Spearman moved to the quiet little town of Seven Springs, he never expected to become such a significant part of his lacrosse team, his group of friends, or of the battle raging just beyond human reach. With a gift to see into the spiritual dimension, Micah learns he is part of a prophecy and must lead an army of guardians against legions of demons, all while trying to live a normal teenage life. When Micah finds himself falling in love with his friend Stephanie, he must be careful not to disrupt their group of friends—or attract attention from the demons that watch his every move.  As the battle rages to find the Sword of Malachi, the young freshman finds himself falling deeper into a world of unknowns. In Micah, the Sword of Malachi, you too will fall under the charm and the mysteries of Seven Springs.

Micah, Lee DuCote, Sword, demons, spiritual
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Camp 80 (Cedar Branch Series)
Camp 80, Cedar Branch, retirement, comedy, funny, senior citizen, funny seniors

What do you get when six retirees find themselves trucked off (not entirely willingly) on a get-acquainted trip before moving into Cedar Branch Retirement Community? A week of outlandish fiascos, hilarious revenge, memorable tears, and most important... laughter. Derrick St. Clair, a social worker for CBC, has led many trips for this eccentric community, but never experienced a crew of new residents like these. One thing of many that Derrick didn’t expect was falling in love with co-worker Katlyn Rose, only to have his crew of creative seniors take advantage of his distraction to plan their own trip, including stealing the van and rearranging the attitudes of three disrespectful young men.  
Take a trip with Cedar Branch and fall in love with the characters that now reside in the number-one retirement community in the South. Who knows—you just might make plans to move in.

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Beach Space (Cedar Branch Series)
Camp 80, Cedar Branch, retirement, comedy, funny, senior citizen, funny seniors

Normally, when seniors settle into Cedar Branch Retirement Community, they begin a simpler and slower pace of living. Not this group! For Jack Goslin, Karl and Betty Rutherfurd, and the Stevens Sisters, nothing is simple or slower after moving into the number-one retirement community in the South. As a neighboring resort battles over the beach property, our eccentric group of seniors wages war on its uptight and controlling manager, and given the green light for residents to enjoy private golf carts—well, things just get even crazier for Cedar Branch manager Derrick St. Clair. From the new, exotic fitness instructor to Violet’s secret winery, Jack’s pimped-out golf cart, and a host of other new issues for its director, CBC continues to build a reputation as the most interesting retirement community in the South. If you are looking for a place to retire, settle down, or witness bizarre fiascos, stop by Cedar Branch. Who knows—you just might make it home!

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Go Slow Ebook cover2_edited.jpg
Go Slow

Living on Caye Caulker and owning his own bar and brewery, Finn never thought something or someone could shake up his lifestyle. That was until a young Atlanta girl stepped foot on the island trying to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of the American business life. Falling in love is fun and easy but keeping your past a secret can be dangerous. In this sweet and savory love story you’ll find yourself cheering for these two young people to overcome adversity and the past that continues to haunt one of them. And who knows, by the end of this story you just might find yourself booking a flight to watch the sunset at Drifters Reef.

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Finding Mae

Finding people from the past wasn’t easy before social media. For JC, a former cobbler from St. Louis, his method was to return to the place where he first met Mae. Even though they only spent 12 hours together, it was enough time to fall in love. Now with sixty years of life behind him, he is on the search to find his first love. What he didn’t expect was a loud Texan and mousy young girl to join him on the hunt. But after so many years, there are many things you wouldn’t expect. So join JC and a comical entourage as they search for Mae. 

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Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 12.13.44 PM.png
Aunt Zelia

Edward Breaux never thought he was marrying into a family with such a crazy and dark past. His marriage with Maggie for the past three years was bright, exciting, and full of romance. But that all changed the day Maggie's great-aunt Zelia moved to town. Now, Edward is having to watch his back due to the lack of love in his relationship with Zelia. Follow Edward in this short story has he tries to put together the pieces of missing people and not become one himself.

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