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Adventure is just outside!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

How to find adventures in your backyard that are affordable!

My name is Lee DuCote and I once hosted a little show on Amazon Prime called Adventure and Romance, until the pandemic shut it down. Stupid Covid!!! The show's purpose was to find affordable adventures and add in a little romance. It was built off my platform as a novelist that writes love stories that always had some sort of adventure. In my blog, we will revisit those adventures, find new ones, and have guest writers that travel the world. This will be fun, simple, and defiantly crack a smile or two. Oh yea, I also write comedy in the fiction world but I'll shamelessly plug my books later. So grab a glass of wine (who cares what time it is) and let us have fun looking for adventures!

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It's about the journey

Alicia (my wife) and I were overloading in the Rocky Mountains a few years ago and it seemed like we were never going to reach our destination. I asked her cousin Brad (he was leading the trip) how much farther, kinda like a kid in the backseat. His answer has stuck with me to this day. "I don't know?" He replied, "it's about the journey getting there it's not about the destination."

Finding adventures is part of the adventure. Whether you are in South Africa cage diving with great whites or metal detecting an old place down the street. The exciting part of this is staying out of the norm and not being a tourist. Some of these adventures are in your backyard and some require a little travel. If you are looking for an escape, researching for others, or just bored, this blog is for you!

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