2017 International Book Award Finalist 
Lee DuCote is an author of romance, comedy, adventure, and suspense.  He lives in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.
Lee's Story


Lee DuCote has traveled the country researching cultures, people, and historical accounts to help create his stories.  A native to Louisiana, he writes to give hope and encouragement to others, as well as to entertain and spark the imagination.  Lee lives in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with his wife and family and is the author of seven novels including Camp 80 that earned him an international book award.   And yes, if you check out his social media you will see him with his pet raccoons, Tucker and Otter.  

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Fields of Alicia



Audible Book of Camp 80

Across Borders

Camp 80
Beach Space

Engaging characters, careful plotting-and a sense of humor. Waterproof is a modern coming of age story for two young people in a detailed, convincing setting that makes the flashbacks plausible.  Is it a romance? Mildly.  Is it a pirate story carried into a modern setting?  Very Much.  Villains?  Absolutely. Salty Characters?  You bet!

~ M. Knighten


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